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Where do I start? 

Week of February 14, 2016

I’m just going to say it. I didn’t love the GRAMMY Awards this year.

I am still processing the whole David Bowie thing. I was really looking forward to Lady Gaga’s tribute and it was a big, giant thud. Instead of truly honoring the man’s legacy with a dark stage, a slide show of never seen before photos and a killer rendition of ‘Life of Mars’ (which she would have delivered unlike any other,) Nile Rogers put his smudgy fingerprints all over this performance as Creative Director making it more a Bowie on Broadway-slash-cruise ship number-slash-Cirque show sponsored by Intel. FAIL 

GRAMMY Highlights Worth Mentioning…

The big winner of Music’s Biggest Night? Here we go…

Our friend, Dave Grohl, and his red Solo cup grooving to Lionel Richie. By the way, if anyone can get me that neon Lionel Richie sign, I will love you forever. Bonus if you caught Dave playing the bass drum in the next item…

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band‘s second line parade through the A-list crowd seconds before the show went live. 

Taylor Swift giving Kayne a big FUDGE you with her acceptance speech. 

Taylor Swift GRAMMYS

\m/ Alice Cooper belting out Ace of Spades in honor of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead with the rest of the Hollywood Vampires. Now Gaga, THIS was a tribute. 

But the best part of GRAMMY night is what happened AFTER the show when Sir Paul McCartney, Beck + Taylor Hawkins try to get themselves into Tyga’s party at Argyle. Perhaps if they had brought Adele…

Things I’m coveting…

These star jeans from Stella McCartney are my dreams come true.

I’m ready to throw major shade in these sunnies. 

Everything on Zulily. Why do I love thee? Not only did they have my Tom Ford’s on sale, but also ivivva stuff for Kiddo at a steal! And she even found the Vera Bradley backpack she wants for next year. 

Things I’m obsessing over…

This new extended trailer for Alice Through The Looking Glass stopped me dead in my tracks.

Instagram. Are you following us?

Dave Grohl + Pat Smear ‘do’ “Bowie for a Day” and it is perfection.

Having a bad day? Please just stop what you are doing and check out this dude. He’ll make everything better. 

This is Prince’s passport picture. Now what did you do today? 

Prince's Passport Photo

Things I’m grooving to…

Soundtrack to Hamilton…duh.

The Soundtrack to Chef (so good.)

Lazy Eye. Always. O B S E S S E D still after all these years. 

Things I Need to Remember…

Cool at 13, Adrift at 23

Use Ebates. Do not buy one more thing until you’ve signed up for your free account. Why I didn’t sign up sooner is beyond me. I’ve already received a couple hundred dollars of rebate checks simply for spending my own money. Now you can register for Ebates when making in-store purchases as well. 

Shonda Rhimes TED Talk :: My Year of Saying Yes To Everything

Everything else…

And this my friends is why it was the BEST. WEEK. EVER.

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