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What to Bring to Conferences Anyone who knows me, or has ever attended a meeting, or conferences with me know I am always "packing" a few crucial necessities.   1.) My cell phone, because even though I turn it off, I'm still like Linus with my security blanket and it's never out of

Disney Social Media Moms Conference Land and Sea

And Disney Social Media Moms Conference Praying for some Pixie Dust to land in your Inbox for next year's Disney Social Media Moms Conference? I don't blame you. I've attended other media trips to Disney and while they have all been special, DisneySMMC is above and beyond that.  It is not

Nizuc Resort Review Cancun Mexico

Let me set the stage, you've been planning for months, perhaps even years. You are going on the trip of your dreams, and have carefully packed for everyone in your family, yet the inevitable happens. You arrive and BAM! Some how, some way, at some point, during your travels someone

The Met Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Monet

Exploring The Metropolitan Museum of Art Once upon a time, at a university far, far away, a girl was living in a dorm and had absolutely no clue what she wanted to pursue. The pressure was mounting in every direction, and all I could see were majors and careers that were


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