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Dear Santa…

All I want for Christmas is…


One more photo with Santa.


The JetSet Family has partnered with Macerich on this sponsored post sharing our experience of Santa HQ.

Kiddo is growing up. And I will tell you one thing, the “tween years” are a lot more grown up than I ever expected them to be. I try so hard to remember back to 6th grade, but everything is kind of clumped together. I remember 7th grade well, but sixth is a bit of a blur. As much as I want to slam on the breaks, I’m really proud of Kiddo and the choices she is making. Now if I could only get her to master table manners the way she navigates Instagram, we would be golden.


But this age is also making me incredibly nostalgic. I found myself falling down the rabbit hole last night looking at photos of Kiddo I had taken over the years at school and the saying is true, the days are long, but the years go by so fast. And that’s why just a small holiday tradition like taking pictures with Santa means so much to me.

When HGTV asked The JetSet Family to partner on a really unique opportunity to partner this year with our friends at HGTV and Macerich Shopping Centers, I jumped at the chance to visit the man with all the toys.

Greetings from Santa HQ!


The reason this Santa HQ pop-up is so special is because of all of the thought and fun interactive play made available. It’s completely immersive with a modern twist on a classic tradition making visiting Santa even more exciting with a variety of photo packages families can choose from.


Kiddo had a blast with the state-of-the-art technology, and this year, our annual photo-op with Santa also included an “Elfie Selfie” which Kiddo LOVED because she was able to star in her own holiday video.


My favorite was the Elf-Ray Vision where she was able to explore Santa’s Observatory with special goggles that allowed her to visit different areas of Santa’s Workshop, and I loved that visitors can stand next to an interactive board to find out which of Santa’s lists – Naughty or Nice — they made.


There was also a new attraction: Elf Academy. Elf Academy is a new, family-friendly experience that features interactive technology to enhance the entire HGTV Santa HQ visit. Guests can transform into one of Santa’s elves and virtually try on various elf outfits, and Elf-ID: Guests can create their very own customized Elf-ID card using the new Elf-ID app and a “selfie.”



It didn’t stop there, Santa HQ in true HGTV-style had over 10,000 individual holiday lights which were in sync to the tune of “Carol of the Bells” and you can just imagine how rad that orchestra sounds.



Making Christmas Merry


But the best part? That I was able to make reservations and payment directly online with opt-in text reminder even before leaving home up to weeks in advance. This saved so much time for someone who is always down to what I refer to as the “Christmas Crunch,” and perfect for juggling multiple family schedules. Not to mention how this enhances the overall experience by allowing us to truly enjoy these unique surroundings without having to get antsy wondering “How much longer?”


For those considering making a trip to your local Santa HQ, bring a new, unwrapped toy for HGTV’s Help Through Holiday Giving Drive for local children in need. Their goal is to collect over 1,000 toys per center, and in 2017 they collected over 66,000 toys for organizations like Salvation Army, Forgotten Angel Tree, Love Stuff Bus, and Toys for Tots.

What Is On Your List for Santa This Year?

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