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Spring Into Change

Change It Up with Nina Antinora

Today is a really good day. Not only are we about to welcome daylight savings with open arms and a big smooch, but I am so proud + incredibly honored to introduce today’s guest contributor and my dear friend, Nina Antinora. I can’t wait for you to hear her inspiring story for it’s truly motivating, and I simply can’t think of a better way to kick-off spring. Oh, and you can bet I’ll be stopping by her retreat in Laguna Beach next month so I hope to see you there! -Nicole

“It’s never too late and you are never too old to make a change…”

Seems like just yesterday I was uttering — no, declaring — those exact words to a friend as I sat on the tarmac aboard a 757 preparing to depart Newark for Los Angeles.

Having felt stuck and unfulfilled, I set out to make a change. A BIG ONE…not only geographically, but something even more substantial.  A conscious shift if you will.  I was on a quest to alter my mindset, perspective and awareness. Through self-discovery I began peeling back the layers until I was finally able to uncover my true authentic self.  Little did I know this personal renaissance would result in me discovering the true meaning of happiness.

Let’s rewind for a second.

Leading up to this point, everything was perfect on paper. I had a successful career and I was highly regarded in my industry, but something was amiss. I was on a constant mission to chase ‘something’ that I would later find out would never completely fulfill my soul. I was left wondering, “Is this all there is? There has to be more…”

More. More. More.

Like many of my colleagues, I was confusing success with happiness thinking one would lead to the other. I was doing what came naturally, I pushed myself to do more, accomplish more, and make more. It didn’t matter how many hours I billed, or how many frequent flyer miles I was logging, there was a big piece of the puzzle missing. I was unfulfilled feeling stressed, exhausted and unsatisfied, but not only with my career, my romantic relationships were suffering as well making them short lived. I had become deflated.

I didn’t want more, I wanted different. Change is what I desperately needed. 

Create the Life you Crave!

Then one day I WOKE UP! In that moment, I realized something critical: It was ME that held the cards! It was up to ME to create my own path and be true to it. Happiness was MY decision and no one else’s from work… to love…to friendship.

People in my life went as far to insinuate I was having an early “mid-life crisis.”  Boy, were they wrong. That I was traveling to the other side of the country to “find myself.” Nope. Contrary to all of these projections, I wasn’t running from anything. I was running TOWARD something. That something was and is ME.

It was the farthest thing from a crisis, this journey was my “mid-life AWAKENING! And this awakening is exactly what motivates me to do what I’m doing today – helping others Change It Up!

California Love Nina Antinora

Change It Up!

In 2015, I launched my inspirational life fulfillment brand, CHANGE IT UP with NINA ANTINORA to help women Create The Life You Crave.™ As an entrepreneur, executive events producer, certified life coach & change expert, I’m able to pull from my vast professional expertise, as well as my own personal journey to offer very unique and inspirational events worldwide. This is more of a calling than a job for me!

Between my own CHANGE and having witnessed such an outpour of positive results through my one-on-one coaching, I was inspired to share my simple strategies and tools in a larger format…and CHANGE IT UP EVENTS was born!

I designed my programs to evoke major attitude shifts, the clearing of blocks/fears, and as a result, provide an opportunity to get in touch with what truly makes your soul sing and create forward movement!  If I can change, trust me…anyone who truly wants to make a life shift…CAN!

Full Circle

I can honestly say that I finally have it all — the career that catapults me out of bed each morning, the love of my life by my side, and a network of amazing friends and family surrounding me. Although it was in fact scary flying into the unknown back in 2012, I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith, worked hard, and truly created the life I have craved since I was a child…and you can too!

Now it’s your turn!

Join me in Laguna Beach, CA, April 25-27 at my upcoming luxury retreat: SPRING INTO CHANGE 2016! It’s time to clear your mind, get in touch with your heart, and tune into the whisper of your soul (and the ocean)! I designed a life-changing program to help you release, recharge and reinvent yourself.

Change It Up Retreat with Nina Antinora

The highlights of this retreat are the beach activities such as: Tai Chi and Breathwork, along with the specialized workshops led by myself and my guest inspirational mavens. It’s time, live the life you deserve and desire. Change it up and make it happen!

Look forward to seeing you in Laguna Beach! 

For more information: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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