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Revisiting The Classics: Books for Tweens

Classic Books for Tweens

Suggested Books for Tweens


This post is sponsored by Amazon, but all thoughts, opinions, and list of suggested books for tweens are my own. 


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It took many, many years for me to actually sit down and enjoy reading a book for pleasure. I would read magazines, but comic books growing up didn’t even appeal to me. I loved TV and movies. Oh, and did I love my MTV music videos. But the thought of reading for “fun” was so off my radar. And I’m not even sure “tween” was a word. So hearing the phrase “books for tweens” was basically a form of gibberish.


Then I started high school and Sr. Mona whips out The Outsiders. “Wait, I know that story!” For the first time in my life, I could read the black and white pages word for word, and actually, understand what was going on. It kept my interest, and even though there are differences between the book and movie, I could point them out, and remember the details.


But this was never the case with Kiddo, from the time she could hold a book she would devour anything she could get her hands on. “Who is this kid?” I would often think. “She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and loves to read, I know the hospital totally gave me the wrong child.” But she’s mine, we share the same passion for music videos, she was obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba! and loved just exploring. Anything from parks, to beaches, to cities, she was my child, alright.


On-The-Go: Personalized Mobile Library

Having a passion for reading also means lugging any four to six books that she’s in the middle of at any given moment around the world. Trust me, it’s happened and spring break is no different. Especially when a plane and long flights are involved, and airline costs for checked baggage are soaring. Oh, and we’re not dealing with scrappy paperbacks either, we’re talking full-on hardcover novels.


Classic Books for Tweens


Kiddo has also expressed a liking towards The Classics. This makes me happy because now I get to re-read them all over again for fun, but let’s face it, most of those books are really BIG. She finished Gone With The Wind this summer and it was the size of an old-school phone book. Who wants to be carrying something like that around? Certainly not me. With the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet Kiddo can have her very own entire personal library at her fingertips wherever we may roam.


Books for Tweens

The summer going into second grade we were at the bookstore and she asked me if she could read, “Little Women” by Louisa Mae Alcott. This instantly gave me PTSD because my mom made me read it in third grade and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get beyond page three, but Kiddo? She couldn’t put it down. Clearly, reading is a true passion of hers and I’m jealous. Personally, I would love for this to be a sweet escape for me, and nothing makes my heart happier than hearing the words, “Mom, this is such a gooooooooooood book.”


So what are the “tween” years anyway? “Tween” is short for the “between” years. From 8 – 12 when children are transitioning from elementary school to middle school. This is also the period where they are growing out-of-control both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s an important time when parents should keep tabs on what their children are subjected to online, in books, in the media, and on television. Use this time to have heart-to-heart discussions about what the heavier topics, and ask your child how it made or makes them feel. Use this as an opportunity to encourage open dialogue which your “tween” might otherwise find uncomfortable or somewhat boring because it has to do with school.


During a recent assessment at school, Kiddo’s reading level was identified as just a few months shy of 7th grade. This is fantastic news, but as a parent, she’s still only 11, so I need to find a way to match books with her maturity level and the content. In order to do this, I rely heavily on Common Sense Media which I can use directly from my daughter’s Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet. She may be able to read books written for 13-year-olds, but that doesn’t mean she’s quite ready for the subject matter.



Finding the right match of books for tweens isn’t always the easiest task. For those looking for book suggestions, The JetSet Family has come up with a tween reading list thanks to Amazon and Common Sense Media that revisits the Classics and matches your child’s age, with grade, maturity level, and have appropriate content. This sponsored post has been brought to you by #AmazonFreeTime

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Reading List for Tweens: Middle School Books

Finding good books for young adults can be a challenge, so with the help of reviews and recommendations on Common Sense Media, and school teachers, we came up with our own list of approved Classics and contemporary stories. Click each title for a complete book review to help decide if this is the right match for your child(ren).


4th Grade Books for Tweens

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5th Grade Books for Tweens

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6th Grade Books for Tweens

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7th Grade Books for Tweens

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Encouraging reading, but also creating boundaries is something as a parent I value. The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet allows me to do both. Sometimes Kiddo can’t put a book down, but she does need her sleep. And she needs uninterrupted rest. So even though her room is already an “Unplugged Zone,” I do let her use her tablet in her room because I can control the settings and monitor things as needed directly from the Parent Dashboard.


The Ultimate Travel Companion

Just because we’re on vacation, doesn’t mean learning comes to a halt. Kiddo even researches our trips on her tablet educating herself on everything from geographical location, fun facts, and places we “must-see” while visiting making her feel even more part of the planning.


So what else makes the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet so revolutionary? It is not only an educational tool, but it’s fun as well. As Kiddo enters the “tween” world, the table permits her to make her own choices, while staying within parent/child-approved parameters. It comes with a 2-year worry-free guarantee and has access to thousands of age-appropriate books, videos, apps, and games made available courtesy of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited which is included in a one-year subscription.


Classic Books for Tweens

Mommy’s Little Helper

Amazon FreeTime mode keeps track of what Kiddo is viewing and how much time she’s spending attaining the educational goals and limits her “fun” screen time. The Learn First and Bedtime features helped leaps and bounds when it came time to get back into a back-to-school routine. Kiddo could still turn in at 7:00, but read until “lights out” when the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet timed out at 8:00 pm.


But the  Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet is not only great for books, she can watch all of her favorite movies, shows, and play games as well. Its user-friendly interface makes navigating any accessing all of its capabilities a pleasure. You also can’t beat the durability or price point. Available in three bright case colors (pink, yellow, and blue,) it should come as no surprise that Kiddo went with her signature hue.


What Is Your Favorite Classic Book?

We would love to know more! By sharing your tips, experiences, and recommendations on books for tweens, in our comment section below, you help fellow members of The JetSet Family community decide what’s best for them and their families. Let us know what you like most, or if you have any questions about the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition tablet


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