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School Days

Photo by Nicole Standley


JetSet Tot went back to school on August 12th, and I am still trying to process how it is already September 15th. Somehow my baby is a first grader. How did this happen? Sadly, she is not in class with her bestie; however that’s OK because they spend as much time as possible together outside of school. Plus, she has been seated with the most adorable little boy who is always attentive to her and makes my heart go GUSH! Oh, and for the record, no boyfriends until she turns 25 18!

Just because we are a few weeks in to the 2013/14 school year, doesn’t mean we are done with Back to School prep! We are now on the cusp of field trips class pictures, assemblies, holiday concerts, and student council elections, so let the chaos begin! I’m going to switch gears a little bit and dish on my favorite styles, accessories, bags and supplies have been off charts this year! From great styles from Fore!! Axel & Hudson, to backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles, here are some of my most favorite finds!

Look at that Birdie! JetSet Tot has discovered her love of golfing this year and loves her new threads from Fore!! Axel & Hudson. Well made, and incredibly stylish down to the accessories, Lil’ Miss Jetsetter can not wait for her next tee time! She really loved the feel of this outfit and even off the green it’s completely appropriate for around town or at school! Oh, and let’s not forget about that hat! How cute is this outfit? She recently wore it so Sunday brunch and all eyes were on her! The entire line is a-dor-able, so check it out for your little golfer! And just wait until you see their Fall 2013 line – it’s perfect. www.foreaxelandhudson.com


Let*s Do Lunch! ErinCondren.com won our hearts with her “let’s do lunch” personalized lunch boxes. These boxes are the bees knees! I love, love, love them because it is durable, has fantastic accessories, cleans up very easily, and JetSet Tot loves it because of the unbelievable attention it draws! Every single day a new mom or student comments on how great her lunchbox is. She’s quite proud of it! And there are so many cool and creative designs to choose from! ErinCondren.com not only wins the  prize for best “Back to School” item, but is at the tippy top of my list for personalized gifts. www.ErinCondren.com


This year Tot is allowed to have a water bottle in class and all of the Tots are encouraged to bring one to P.E. This is all new to me, and I was over buying single serving ones from the store. I also wanted to eliminate juice boxes all together, so these are the fabulous options I found:

Head of the Class. Swiss made SIGG. We’ve been a SIGG family for as long as I can remember; however when these cool super cute Hello Kitty and Glo Monsters (that’s right, the caps on these babies glow in the dark!) arrived at our doorstep we were thrilled! While Hello Kitty has always been a #1 contender in our house, those little glo monsters have really won our hearts over! BPA Free and I’m just going to say this one more time, the Glo Monsters ROCK! Cutest H20 bottles ever! www.mysigg.com


Let’s Get Physical. P.E. is a whole different story, Tot requested a water bottle that looked pretty, but was durable enough that she could toss around without scratching. It also had to be pink and could squirt water so she could participate in water fights after school on hot days. What in the world, child? bobble water bottles got wind of our demands and sent us some in different sizes to try and we were sold. BPA Free, bobble’s carbon-based filter reduces odor, chlorine and organic contaminants from regular municipal tap water through a specially designed filter. www.waterbobble.com


Home Sweet Home. WaterWeek Kids by Reduce Everyday sent us these Simply Sweet water bottles that are the perfect size for our fridge! Dishwasher safe, they even come with a fridge tray. The bottle stay tightly closed to prevent leaks, they remain cold and they are durable and the perfect size for little hands! In fact, this is the water bottle of choice for JetSet Tot to bring along to the beach since there is no nozzle to get clogged with sand! www.reduceeveryday.com


Accessorize! JetSet Dad and I gave JetSet Tot a Kindle Fire for her Kindergarten graduation and while we were on the search for the perfect case, we found super cute Flying Buttress convertible Booie Bag. These padded hip bags with interchangable customizable panels are the perfect (stylish) size to protect all of your tech gadgets. From Kindle and iPads to phones and cameras, any tot and tween will go crazy for one of these! I absolutely love how this bag will grow with her. With a simple change of a panel, it’s a bag that is a great gift any tot, tween or teen will adore. This is also a great, great carry-on bag for JetSet Tot to bring on the plane! www.myflyingbuttress.com


Monkey Owl on my Back. I’d say the most important Back to School item without a doubt is a backpack. The one that JetSet Tot loves the most is her personalized Mackenzie Owl backpack from Pottery Barn Kids. And this backpack is definitely mom approved. With JetSet Tot’s name emblazoned across the back, let’s just say it’s been dropped, dragged, overstuffed, tugged at, tossed, spilled on, spilled in, survived lunch explosions, forced entries, and this bag still looks good as new. The Mackenzie backpack from PBK is not only fun, classic and stylish, but can take a serious beating from JetSet Tot and still be a loyal companion! www.potterybarnkids.com


What back to school item(s) do you recommend?

Hugs & passports,

– Nicole

Photo credits: Nicole Standley and brands listed above.

Promotional consideration has been furnished by the brands mentioned. On occasion, contributors of The JetSet Family receive products, compensation and/or services gratis or at discounted rates. This practice does not hinder the influencer’s point of view. All descriptions are factual and accurately reflect the overall experience.

Review overview
  • Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats September 17, 2013

    I love that the water bottles have the filter built right in!

  • Linda Hampton September 17, 2013

    Very cute. I have to remember this for my granddaughter. I am going to check out the personalized lunch box now. Personalized with style. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sara September 17, 2013

    I love the personalized lunch box. I’m slightly obsessed with lunch box items. (A. Because I write a school lunch blog. B. Who isn’t these days?)
    My favourite is the Planet Box – we go for Bento-Style around here.
    We go Klean Kanteen for our water bottle. The large mouth fits regular sized iced cubes and the stainless steel makes me feel good about using them. But Sigg is also great – love their designs. So cute.
    Another back-to-school must have are great art supplies. My kids are fanatics. They need good stuff at school AND at home. And with all the cut-backs teachers are grateful I send so many.
    Must haves in THEIR mind are good shoes. Shoes that make a statement. I’m not sure where or when it started but that’s the most important part about back-to-school shopping. Lol.
    I like your blog concept and it’s design is lovely. I will back to check out more. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • amanda September 17, 2013

    some cute items there. really love the bright colors

  • Joelen September 17, 2013

    I love all the items! So cute!

  • autumn eaton September 17, 2013

    I love all the water bottle choices and the fact that they are durable. I want one of those personalized lunch boxes too they are cute

  • Jessica September 17, 2013

    Love the 5-pack of water bottles. So smart!

  • Allyson Bossie September 17, 2013

    A filtered water bottle is so important to get rid of bad things. I like that about this!

  • Carrie Harris September 17, 2013

    So cute!! As a fellow lady golfer, I love that you have a little one that likes to play…there aren’t enough of us out on the course!

  • Sharon Garofalow September 17, 2013

    These are some great finds, Nicole! I LOVE her lunch kit! And I’ve never heard of those water week bottles!

  • Jessica September 17, 2013

    Those water bottles are so cool! I think I may have to pick some up for my little 1st grader!

  • Christie Moeller September 17, 2013

    LOVE that lunchbox!!!

  • Carla September 17, 2013

    We loved the Bobble!!

  • Kristin Sumner September 17, 2013

    I just love everything here! Especially the water bottles and lunchbox.

  • Myrah Falco Duque September 17, 2013

    The personalized lunch box is a must, but that kindle fire is CHIC!

  • Carolyn West September 17, 2013

    These ideas are so great. Sure beats the boring old lunch boxes and water bottles I got my kids. (Hides head in hands.)

  • Karen September 17, 2013

    The personalized lunch boxes are insanely cute!

  • Natalie September 17, 2013

    I want the WaterWeek bottles for all of the kids! It would be so much easier and cheaper than bottled water.

    And the lunchbox is too cute!

  • Tonya September 17, 2013

    A water bottle with a filter built right in?! Genius.


    Coco is darling.

  • Elizabeth September 17, 2013

    Love the water bottle set. I am always washing water bottles last minute before activities.

  • Reina - Soy Mamá en Casa Blog September 17, 2013

    I love these personalized lunch boxes !

  • Rosey September 18, 2013

    These are cute, we are using the lunch box from last year (nothing’s wrong with it), but this would be a great gift idea for most any child.


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