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All-American Road Trip with BabbleBoxx

Roadtrip Babbleboxx

Born to Run

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This summer I discovered Audible thanks to BabbleBoxx while road tripping through Alabama and Tennessee. Kiddo was learning how to become an astronaut at Space Camp in Huntsville, and I was exploring as much of the deep South as I could with Bruce Springsteen as my co-pilot. I had bought the hardcover of “Born to Run” the day it came out, but I never found the time to sit down and actually read it. It was starting to collect dust with the other books I had ordered, but I really wanted to read this one in particular.

During the trip, I started to feel a bit lonely on day 2 or 3, so I downloaded his autobiography and listened to it while navigating through the Smokey Mountains. There was something warm and familiar about his smokey velvet voice that made me feel like a kid back in New Jersey again. It was bittersweet, and non-fleeting. I  clung on to that feeling for the next few days. Suddenly, those six days weren’t so lonely anymore. It was me and my sidekick, The Boss, pulling outta here to win. Who would your co-pilot be? Download the book of your choice and a 1-month free trial! Audible allows you to download audiobooks to your smartphone, tablet, iPod or mp3 player. 

Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Audible

On The Road Again

Do you remember being a kid and loving weekend mornings because they meant Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity breakfasts at IHOP? I do. Long summer days, running through sprinklers, road trips, and AM Gold on the car stereo? Life was so much simpler then, and sometimes I wish I could go back in time. I had this crazy idea on my drive to recreate the type of summer days I remember as a child with Kiddo, but I wanted Hubs along for the ride, so as soon as we made it back to California, I packed up the wagon and we headed east for Palm Springs. Our first stop? You betcha… it was IHOP. It’s hard to believe IHOP is celebrating it’s 59th birthday next week. They were kind enough to include a generous gift card in this month’s BabbleBoxx, so our breakfast was on them! In honor of their 59th anniversary, on July 18th, IHOP is offering guests a short stack of pancakes for only 59 cents during the hours of 7am and 7pm at participating restaurants. Thanks IHOP!

IHOP 59th Anniversary Special

Into The Great Wide Open

My husband tells me all the time that he can “save the world” with duct tape. I thought he was dreaming until we tried the double-thick, super-aggressive, T-Rex Tape in the BabbleBoxx. It is super-durable, extra-thick, sun-resistant and works longer and stronger than other utility tapes in all kinds of weather. So it doesn’t matter where we go, weather-resistant tape won’t let us down. T-Rex tape has three layers, a tough, thick, polyethylene skin; a thick heavy thread; and co-extrusion that is a double adhesive which is melted through the threads using heat and pressure. I can’t think of a good reason NOT to keep a roll in the car for road trips. You never know when you’ll need it.


Road To Nowhere

Life’s Tough. Chew Easy. Oh, BabbleBoxx how I love thee. What would you say if I told you that I found the ultimate road trip snack? Would you believe me? Let’s just say it would be in your best interest. I always tell our readers that we only share the very best of the best on The JetSet Family. Only our most favorite things. Well that is exactly what I’m about to share with you. Have you tried Chops Beef Jerky yet? No? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It is so delicious and I’ve already ordered multiple packs for a few car trips coming up. They use USDA Choice and Select beef brisket to ensure taste and tenderness. The products are marinated over night giving the snacks delicious flavors, and are 100% all-natural and contain no preservatives, no nitrates, and no MSG. The JetSet Family readers receive 20% off your first order when using Promo Code: 5CHN79Z7Q1BE at www.chopssnacks.com

Roadtrip Babbleboxx

Holiday Road

Fun for the whole family, this next STEM puzzle will entertain Junior for hours. Cube-tastic! has found a way to place a modern spin on a true classic. The cube-tastic software has the ability to scan the real-life cube, allowing kids to follow along with a customized, step-by-step tutorial so they can solve the puzzle themselves. The free app creates an easy way to learn by offering up a new way to play. Yes, you read that correctly…I said, “play to learn.” By playing the cube promotes better problem solving, improves memory, and assists in developing hand-eye coordination. It’s good for the tiniest hands and the sleek design is made of non-toxic and BPA free materials. Receive a 15% discount by using the Promo Code: CUBETRIP 

Babblebox Cube

What are your must have road trip items?

We would love to know your recommendations! By sharing your tips, experiences, and memories, in our comment section below, you help fellow travelers in The JetSet Family community decide the best fit for them and their families. Let us know what you like most, or if you have any questions about our sponsor, BabbleBoxx.com



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