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Originally featured on The Trend Tribe.

I can remember the first Rolling Stone I ever picked up. It was 1987 and Lisa Bonet graced the cover. It was in that instance that I swore to myself and to any rock gods within an earshot, that one day I would be featured in Rolling Stone. Fast forward 25 years later. Oh man. Is this my big break? Hyundai Santa Fe and Rolling Stone are on a mission to find the perfect #MyFamilyRocks role models and this fam gladly accepts the challenge! I promise, we will make you proud.


“Wanna see my picture on the cover, wanna buy five copies for my mother, wanna see my smilin’ face, on the cover the cover of the Rolling Stone.” – Shel Silverstein

To qualify, Hyundai and Rolling Stone wants to know “How does your family rock?” I’m proud to say our reputation precedes us on this one. Not only is music playing in our home 24/7, but it is not uncommon that once the dishes are done, baths are taken, teeth are brushed, bedtime stories are read, and goodnight kisses are handed out like candy, we are hightailing it to The Sunset Strip for some big-name rock and roll. Our family is quite serious about live entertainment. Last week, our social diary resembled something like: Saturday afternoon – Yo Gabba Gabba Live!, Monday night – Soundgarden at Jimmy Kimmel, and Saturday night – Private Bon Jovi performance on the Paramount Studios backlot. This fam does not joke around when music is on the agenda!

The Life + Times of a Rock and Roll Family.

#MyFamilyRocks_Rolling_Stone_HyundaiThe littlest member of our rock and roll trio loves the lifestyle as well. Even at the ripe old age of 5, she has developed an amazing ear for good music. Behind a drum kit perfecting her inner Dave Grohl with a twist of Animal from The Muppets, she has found her calling. Her favorite bands are The Beatles and the Foo Fighters, and not only did we begin transforming her room into her very own Octopus Garden, but last April, wee drummer met her idol, Mr. Dave Grohl. What a HUGE moment as a parent to witness such an introduction. I still get chills when I look at the photos.