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Knock Out: Not Giving Up Without A Fight

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Serum was something that did not hit my radar for many years. I heard about it, but never gave it much thought until recently. If I had only known… Le sigh.

I became a regular user the moment I experienced how smooth it made my skin appear when applying make-up. Everything went on much nicer, lasted longer, but most importantly, it was my secret beauty weapon. This magic in a bottle was working double time improving the overall texture of my face, battling the aging beast and winning the war.

In a hectic world, I try to streamline as much as possible and Bioelements Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum has permitted me to do just that. I want something that I know is ready to protect be the first line of protection when it comes to winning the war on aging. New year, new problems, first came the worry lines, then came the laugh lines which I love, dehydration is a downright beast with the constant climate change living in Southern California, the one anti-aging concern I was ready to take on like Davey & Goliath was suddenly my pores were the sizes of the Grand Canyon. 

I was tired clogging my pores with layers of foundation, and wanted something the proved real results. Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum was clearly the answer I was searching for. Pairing down my beauty cabinet and make-up bag with one single effective anti-aging product has also helped my sanity and feels great. Knowing I have a “multi-tasking” formula that shows results in an impressive time frame is a gift from the beauty gods. Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum unites gold-standard age fighters at clinical levels (retinol, peptides, vitamin E + Coenzyme Q10), with the next generation of natural youth-supporters (watermelon, apple, lentil and fermented pumpkin) for instant results and long-term improvement with continued use.

Had only knew then, what I know now, I would have began using this all in all-in-one formula from the start. Especially, when traveling. Toss a bottle of Age Activist® Clinical Youth Serum in my toiletry bag and I’m off!

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