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Amwell Is The Helping Hand Your Family Needs

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Sponsored Post | The JetSet FamilyLet me set the stage, you’ve been planning for months, perhaps even years. You are going on the trip of your dreams, and have carefully packed for everyone in your family, yet the inevitable happens. You arrive and BAM! Some how, some way, at some point, during your travels someone in your party falls ill. Whether it’s a bug, allergies, a nasty sprain, bee sting, or even a blister (one so bad you can’t walk — yes, true story,) we’ve learned the hard way that calling on the “house” doctor at the property can cost your wallet and your family lots of zeros. Unfortunately, those are funds which should ultimately be used towards experiences and souvenirs instead.


It’s bad enough that time zone travelers are up against jet lag, exhaustion, and at times even dehydration. But during a recent trip, lots of water was simply not the answer. You see, day three hits Kiddo the hardest. She can be sassy, even ornery, and well someone we’re not used to seeing. I chalk it up to jet lag, but this time something was different. She kept telling me how her neck hurt, and how uncomfortable she was. Then at two o’clock in the morning the fun began when she couldn’t keep food or even water and ice chips down.


What to do when you are sick in another country


We were a long way from home, and I wanted help stat. I needed to know everything I could do to help ease the situation and make my daughter feel better. Watching her this sick crushed me. She could barely move and the poor thing was so warm. If anything, I needed to get this fever down. And that’s when I reached out to Amwell.


The doctor on call was professional, with a nurturing mannerism that immediate put me and my husband at ease. We went through quite a few questions to first make sure this wasn’t something she ate causing these symptoms which were quickly ruled out. The biggest concern was keeping her hydrated, but in a manner that not only kept her comfortable, with hopes of having to bring her to get IV fluid. First, were instructed to give her OTC meds in small dosages with hopes of bringing her fever down, but not making her stomach queasier.


This brought me so much peace because I didn’t feel rushed and I felt as though with the help of our Amwell doctor, we were coming up with an immediate solution, and a follow-up plan “just in case.” Unfortunately, with this type of sickness, it needs to run its course. So as per our conversation, we spent the night giving her lukewarm sponge baths to help with the fever, waited a bit then small sips of water from a teaspoon, once that worked, we upgraded to trying ice chips again, and followed by a diet of clear liquids in small dosages until she could eventually keep down the “BRAT” diet.


We were also given a specific time frame and different symptoms to look for to make sure we were dealing with a stomach bug and not something more significant. We keep monitoring her temperature, timing when and what she consumed, how much, and if she could hold it down. We also kept an eye out to make sure she didn’t develop any rashes, to rule out something worse like an allergic reaction or a bug bite which quite honestly, never even occurred to us.


After spending a significant time on the “call,” we were assured that we can follow up with any questions, or concerns we may have, and at the time be told how to progress in case we did need to get her to an ER for further treatment. I’m happy to report, while it was a really long night, she slept most of the following day, and as the doctor predicted, with these directions, we were able to get her fever down, keep her hydrated and back to normal by the next day.


Having access to Amwell was a blessing to us as we’re lucky to have a healthy child who rarely battles any type of sickness. So the moment she strikes a fever or vomits, I’ll be honest, I panic. I forget everything I’ve learned from the previous ailments since so much time passes between bouts.


Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company which connects patients with board-certified, licensed doctors virtually in lieu of visiting your local urgent care facility. This was nice because for this specific trip we did not rent a car and could really use help in the wee hours of the night. The nice thing about Amwell is it lets you contact primary care doctors, specialists, and licensed behavioral therapists and dietitians on the fly from either your mobile phone or computer. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health and the well-being of my loved ones, I appreciate having all of these physicians ready to help us all in the comfort of our home or hotel room. Amwell is prepared to see users suffering from a multitude of issues including: minor illnesses and injuries, general health and wellness concerns, prescription refills, and chronic condition management.


If you or someone in your family is under the weather, I encourage you to try Amwell and readers of The JetSet Family will receive 25% off your urgent care visit when you use the promo code: MOM16 at checkout. This offer is good until 12/31/18.


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To make matters even better, Amwell is easy to access! Simply log-on to amwell.com (via your computer, phone or tablet) and have a real-time visit with the doctor of your choice. So what are you waiting for?

Again, be sure to bookmark this page because you will receive 25% off your urgent care visit when you use the promo code: MOM16 at checkout! This offer is good until 12/31/18.

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Amwell via Momtrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Amwell or Momtrends. 

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  • Shanna Schultz March 25, 2018

    This is nice…we might have used this on our trip to Switzerland as we were considering taking my daughter into the emergency room after she fell hard on her face as we were afraid she had a concussion. It would have been comforting to perhaps consult with someone before deciding what to do.


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